A Matter Of Honor is a Progressive Metal band from Jacksonville Florida. With high energy live shows and a grandiose sound the band thrives to inspire others with a message that pushes beyond the veil of average thought. The narrative driven music holds a relatable meaning for most and a deep underlying theme if you dive beneath the surface of the creative composition. 

The band released their EP Incarnate Part I: Theosophy November 25th 2017. AMOH has plans of releasing a new version of their debut album 'Everyday Without A Purpose' in early 2018. 

Kyle's Bio

Kyle McLemore

Kyle, once the lead vocalist and guitarist for Jacksonville Fl's Heavy Rock band Glorious Gunner, he started in AMOH as the drummer. In 2017 Kyle claimed the lead for AMOH. With a complex mix of singing and heavy vocals Kyle creates a versatile combination of dominating sound alongside his guitar prowress. 
Gear Rundown: Gibson Explorer, Line 6 Bogner Mark II amp, Peavy 5150 4x12 Cab, Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run Pedal, Digitech Drop Pedal, Boss Pedal, PedalTrain Pedal Board.

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Shandon's Bio

Shandon King

Shandon is the Guitarist and primary vocalist for AMOH. She started the band in 2015. Passion drives her forward in all endeavors with the band. She aims to help others and inspire with the music she is apart of. With her unique song writing, guitar tone, and powerful vocals she adds an entirely different dynamic to the band. 
Gear Rundown: Fender 5150iii 100w amp, Fender 5150iii 4x12 Cab, Gibson Explorer Sammy Hagar Signature guitar, Gator Case pedal board, MXR reverb, Voodoo 2 Isolated Power Supply, Boss Pedal, Digitech Drop Pedal, Crybaby WAH, Monster Guitar Cables, Dava Guitar Picks, 4x4 Framed Picture of Mr Miyagi Senpai.

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Michael's Bio

Michael Greenwell

Mike joined AMOH after long time Dakota Potts departed from the band. He offered a unique rhythm and heavy sound to AMOH. With his spacey bass style and refined tone Mike brought a whole new sound into the mix. He is a primary heavy vocalist in the band as well.
Gear Rundown: Ibanez SRFF806 Bass, Hartke LH1000, Hartke hydrive 410, Darkglass B7KU preamp, MXR, m87 bass compressor, Earthquaker Devices, Afterneath, Digitech Drop Pedal.

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Joe's Bio

JOseph Defibaugh

Joe joined AMOH as the final piece to the puzzle. Guided to us by the mysterious powers of the universe Joe completes AMOH. His thunderous drumming sound and accuracy takes us to the next level. 
Gear Rundown: Drams

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